another saturday..

another saturday is but two hours away.
(there isn't actually a video, so you might as well just shut your eyes and listen.)

another saturday, stuart murdoch 


my latest cooking obsession involves a new-to-me revelation about corn: you do not need to cook it.  

there are two things i remember about corn growing up. one: wrap it in plastic wrap and stick it in the microwave oven. two: those cute little plastic corn holders with dual spikes on one end, and a crayola yellow cartoon "corn" shape on the other.  here are a few recipes that do not involve either:

*i changed this one a bit - i didn't precook the corn, but instead added it in, along with the tomatoes, about ten minutes before the dish is done. oh! and i like to use barley, instead of arborio rice.

tempted? if you are not, then it is most likely not summer where you live. recipes sourced from here .


if only i could eat my words

today we joked about my starting a food blog. no, i couldn't! i'm not sure i should "feed" my already out of control obsession with food. but it's healthy, she said. like how one cannot eat too much salad. i was silenced. after all, i am in no position to argue the fact that i'd gladly walk home from work - and back - and home again in order to not feel guilty about creating a recipe for four, leaving barely enough left-over for a mid-day snack the following afternoon.  so, i started this - which may or may not be about my obsessions with creating mostly edible and therefore disappearing art. either way, my fair-weather friends, you no longer have to come up with an excuse as to why you haven't yet tried my amazing recipe for dal.