an insomniacs's anthem.

m. ward - four hours in washington

Well it's one in the morning and I can't sleep at night
I hear wolves around the doorstep, they're circling outside
I count them jumping over fences, and landing on the sheet
Now it's two in the morning and I can't fall asleep

It's two in the morning and I can't fall asleep
There's a wind in the willows and it's a-howling down the street
I hear them picking up the garbage, gonna fly it to the moon
Now it's three in the morning, better get some sleeping soon

It's three in the morning, better get some sleeping soon
I've gotta count the numbers in the counselor's room
And if I miss a beat well then it's off with my head
Now it's four in the morning and I'm twisting in my bed

It's four in the morning and im turning in my bed
I wish I had a dream or a nightmare in my head
So I can stop my imagination and get some sleeping done
Now it's five in the morning and I'm wishing it was one


not abandoned, just distracted.

fall is an incredible time - so much that there aren't enough waking hours, or eyes wide enough to take it all in. barely just begun, this fall has found me unprepared, without the creative capacity to balance all the inspirations of the season. i beg the pardon of all the colours of the skydiving autumn leaves. i ask that the crisp, cool air have patience, and allow me the blind indulgence of wearing sandals and dresses without sleeves. my transitional coats are missing buttons, and i can't be bothered to sit still long enough to sew them back on, offering stitches and loops and knots that stand a chance at enduring the efforts of my fumbling fingers. so, for now i bury myself in the distractions of my calling. i'll cover my eyes with hours on end, lightness until dusk, speedy bike rides home, pulling up my collar and reminding myself that it's here and now for a reason. here and now.


timber timbre - oh messiah

stops me in my tracks. every time.

the recipe that started it all.

this is cooking right now:

i know everyone has their own go-to dal recipe, but i insist you try this one! it's amazing. now that it is apparent that fall is right around the corner, i think it's about time for some comfort food.

disclaimer: the name of the website this recipe was sourced from is not exactly attractive. ignore it!

oh! and as per usual, i've got a few modifications. i didn't even bother trying to hunt down panch phoran. i already had all it's components in my cupboard - except for "kalonji. what is that anyway? i also use fresh ginger...and lots of it!

enjoy, and let me know what you think.


here and there and back again - samantha pleet

hers is a blog i follow if for no other reason than to see what she is wearing.  if i could, and if i had been more on the ball the past few seasons, i would own at least two of her jumpsuits.  for now, though, i will have to be content with the olive green wool blazer i purchased from nouvelle nouvelle a few seasons back.  fall will come, and more will follow, and i will still be fawning over that lucky, lucky find.  


this album.

there is certain music that makes it a little more comfortable to be alone. this song is the first song on an album that makes the world and the weight of the day disappear.